…or more like:EEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!

sean spicer press23sean spicer press22sean spicer press21

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Be kind to your web-footed friend…


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Obsess? No, I’m not obsess. Am I?


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Meanwhile, on Morning Joe…


What’s really frightening is there are a lot of Americans who like to see the world burn.


And they vote.

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“I will gladly lend you my copy!”


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The morning after


“Trump: Clinton shouted during her speech”, Morning Joe, MSNBC, April 27, 2016  06:43am

“Trump: Everbody knows Clinton is guilty”, Morning Joe, MSNBC, April 27, 2016  06:45am

“Trump On Hillary Using ‘Woman Card’:  ‘I Haven’t Quite Recovered From Her Shouting That Message'”  Ian  Schwartz, posted April 27, 2016

“Donald Trump Takes Sexist Jabs At Hillary Clinton” McKay Coppins, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Comedy Central, April 27, 2016


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In the studio…


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