Her name is Gina…

Her name is Gina. She sings. She dances. She lights up. She glows in the dark. She has the bells and whistles. She comes in assorted colors. She comes and goes on her terms only. She likes to spelunking. She likes to go skydiving. She likes to go antiquing. She likes to go for a drive. She likes to imbibing. She likes go cavorting. She likes to a lot. She likes to paint the town red. She likes to defy authority. She likes to watch the Discovery Channel. She likes to have scones for breakfast. She likes to watch the moon rise over the Atlantic. She likes to exhibit her assets. She likes to hang out in the coffee bars where the music is always lively. She likes to wile away the afternoon solving sudoku puzzles. She likes to play with power tools. She likes to watch squirrels prance on the front lawn. She likes to play air guitar. She likes to play with fire. She likes to play her mp3 files really, really loud. She likes to dip her wavy potato chips in cottage cheese. She likes to draw doodles in the margins of books. She likes to send text messages for fun. She likes to take pictures fo decaying roadside attractions. She likes collect buttons. She likes to write long sentences to fill up more space. She likes to have beer with her Buffalo Wings. She likes to take long walks along the riverside. She likes to wear stilettos with just about anything, and sometimes nothing at all. She likes to gaze out into open space. She likes to punt paper footballs across the boardroom table. She likes to draw from life. She likes to start fires. She likes to make it up as she goes along. She likes to keep trinkets in a little wooden box on the cadenza in hallway. She likes to read comics on Sunday mornings.

About meshimages

I'm an artist. I make assemblages of found images and objects and bits and pieces of my own doodlings.
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