When declaring Matthew Thornton III, Sr. VP for U.S. operations at FedEx the “worst person in the world” for defending the company after a video of a FedEx deliveryman tossing a computer monitor over a fence went viral, Keith Olbermann sums up the sad state of work ethics in the U.S.:

We don’t want him disciplined.
We want him on live television, all channels at once, begging us to forgive him because he’s
everything that’s wrong with America today — lack of personal responsibility and laziness and
stupidity and guys wearing shorts and corporations so dumbing down their employees that the
employees have deteriorated from no “longer personally invested in their job,” to “not giving
a rat’s ass about their own performance,” and the arrogance of anybody in a uniform, even
a FedEx uniform, and doing things so stupid, in public, that they provide excuses for putting
security cameras everywhere!

And Republicans want to do away with the Department of Education.

Funding for public schools in many states had been cut so much that students are only being taught the answers to the state standardized test such as Florida’s FCAT.  The result of such a system is a generation of close-minded slackers who would settle for low-paying jobs at retail stores and living with their parents well into their 30s.

I have worked with some of these people, and it’s frustrating.  They figured that they don’t have to learn more the products – arts and crafts supplies – we sell as long as there’s somebody else who already knows.  This is what happens when you take arts out of public education.

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I'm an artist. I make assemblages of found images and objects and bits and pieces of my own doodlings.
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