Street out – Petersburg

Street out - Petersburg

The keychain at the lower right corner is a piece of memorabilia from the 1960 Michigan Republican Convention. The lenticular images are that of two rather prominent Republican politicians: Richard Nixon (1913 – 1994) and Paul Douglas Bagwell (1913 – 1973). However very little information can be found about Paul D. Bagwell. According to The Political Graveyard (, Bagwell was born in Hendersonville, NC on August 23, 1913, and lived in East Lansing, MI and Grosse Pointe, MI.He was a college professor and a Republican candidate for Michigan state auditor general in 1956, candidate for Governor of Michigan in 1958 and 1960, a candidate for Michigan State University board of trustees in 1964, and he was a Congregationalist, a member of the Jaycees, Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Pi Kappa Delta, Lambda Chi Alpha, Kappa Delta Pi, the Rotary, the Freemasons. He died in Grosse Pointe, MI on October 23 1973.

Villa of Mysteries, Pompeii
[This room, known to us as the “The Initiation Chamber,” measures 15 by 25 feet and is located in the front right portion of the villa.

The term “mysteries” refers to secret initiation rites of the Classical world. The Greek word for “rite” means “to grow up”. Initiation rites, then, were originally ceremonies to help individuals achieve adulthood. The rites are not celebrations for having passed certain milestones, such as our high school graduation, but promote psychological advancement through the stages of life. Often a drama was enacted in which the initiates performed a role. The drama may include a simulated death and rebirth; i.e., the dying of the old self and the birth of the new self. Occasionally the initiate was guided through the ritual by a priest or priestess and at the end of the ceremony the initiate was welcomed into the group.

The fresco images in the Villa of Mysteries seem to be part of a ritual ceremony aimed at preparing privileged, protected girls for the psychological transition to life as married women. But as there are few written records about mystery religions and initiation rites, any iconographic interpretation is bound to be flawed.

About meshimages

I'm an artist. I make assemblages of found images and objects and bits and pieces of my own doodlings.
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