I shared a photo from US Uncut on Facebook along with a post about #walmartstrikers

These were the comments I got:

facebook friend 1:

Haven’t heard anything about it. Doesn’t really say why.


They are striking for $15.00 an hour wages or $25,000 a year. They are also demanding more full-time positions and more opportunities.

facebook friend 1:

Blah… 😶 If everyone at any job argued about that stuff no one would be working anwhere.

facebook friend 2:

and if everyone thought THAT way, women still wouldn’t have the right to vote or equal pay.

I have had more comments since I shared the post, but I was flabbergasted by the response from friend 1. I knew this person and was “real world” friends with her for a few years. She has a family – a loving husband and beautiful young son. To help support her and her family, she had, at one time, three jobs – all at big box stores.

When Thanksgiving came around, my friend 1 told me on Black Friday that she had had worked 36 hours straight by the end of her shift at her third job.

Just for fun, let’s break that down:
she worked 8 hours on Wednesday at job#1,
then an 8 hour shift at job#2,
then on Thanksgiving, back to job#1 for another 8 hour shift, and then yet another 8 hours at job#2,
and finally, on Black Friday, a 4 hour shift at job#3.

This is the one that said “Blah.”

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I'm an artist. I make assemblages of found images and objects and bits and pieces of my own doodlings.
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